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marsh jonesSometimes I think that my life has been like a Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn novel -MarshJones 

Marshall Jones was an amazing trader but more importantly an amazing man. He taught me a great deal in the short time that I knew him but even now I hear his voice saying "wait for the turn"; "what does the market like to do"; "never be long at 2:00", etc. And I especially enjoyed it when "John Wayne" stopped in for a brief comment. I admired Marsh's courage; his love of trading; his love of family and friends. Thank you Marsh---it was an honor to know you.

3/10/2008 7:19:59 PM

My journey in the world of trading began with Mr. Marshall J Jones, as a result of what he has taught me I left my job and now am a full time trader! I am eternally grateful to Marsh for the new freedom in my life that he and lav helped create. At 27 its a freedom that few people get to enjoy and I have been fortunate enough to have a great mentor like Marsh guide me towards it. My goal now is to take atleast one trade in every country in the world. Marsh Jones made that dream happen...I am eternally thankful.

3/10/2008 1:25:43 PM

Marsh was a very interesting and generous man, he had a long and full life, and made an enormous number of friends. I feel fortunate and honored to be included in that group, and I will always remember and miss him.

3/10/2008 8:38:32 AM

I absolutely loved Marsh Jones..He was a no-nonse person..and taught me a bunch..about risk control..I really liked having heated discussions with him regarding all-in-all out vs. structured trade management..I think Marsh enjoyed a spirited debate..his love of family and friends was commendable..A true 1st class all aspects...I considered him a Mentor and will miss him tremendously..My most sincere condolences to his family.....

Kip Raike 
3/10/2008 7:32:30 AM

Marsh taught me so much and although I never met him personally I had close affinity to him, a connection, that made our friendship special. RIP my friend MattJ

3/9/2008 7:50:43 PM

I stumbled across Marsh's manual and began reading one day. That was the beginning of several years of knowing and spending time with Marsh. I appreciate all his instruction, concern, and friendship over the years. It pleases me very much to know that I was able to give back to him in part by designing the original DTcharts package around his method. I enjoyed tweaking it for him as he had new ideas. I used to affectionately call him "Master Marsh" as his trading abilities never ceased to amaze me. Thanks for everything Marsh. You are missed very much.

Day Trader 
3/9/2008 3:58:03 PM


It's so good to hear from you!  Hopefully the lab results will be of no consequence, and you can go on and get well!  And come back to HotComm.
I also want to thank you for everything you've taught me in your Simple 1-2-3 class.  Incredibly, to me, it is all starting to gel, and come together for me.  It's such an awesome feeling to hear your words in my head as I stare at the charts and SEE what you've been telling us for the last two months.
It's kind of like looking at those pictures they came out with a couple years ago that look like an abstract painting, that has lots of squiggly lines on it.  Then when you move it closer to your eyes and the squiggly lines start to form a picture of a dog, or flower or something.  Do you remember those pictures, Marsh?  A picture within a picture?  Anyway, that's how these Charts are starting to look to me now.  They're not just lines and candles.  They're set-ups forming into pictures of trades to take.  Can you believe that!?!
So I just want to thank you again for your diligence and patience in teaching, and caring enough to do it over and over and over!
Hope your recovery is speedy.
Take care of your self, and follow the doctor's orders.
Marilyn (Texas) 

To Whom It May Concern:


I believe that Marsh Jones is one of the best trading instructors out there. He is very patient with his students and keeps repeating so that everyone "gets it". His workshops are valuable to repeat because I always learn something new that I might have missed before.

By subscribing for 12 months I can participate in every workshop and get the repetition and practice. Repetition and practice makes perfect. Seeing Marsh point-out and review trade set-ups over and over each month really helps me to learn. Being in monthly workshops helps my discipline and focus, and they are constant reminders of what I should be checking and looking at before entering a trade....

I think I have gotten the most for my money from Marsh Jones than I have from any other course. I highly recommend his workshops and advise you to take advantage of his 12-month subscription offer.


Marsh...I have been in your room for more than a month now and I must tell you how valuable your service has been for me. I have bought many systems over the years and have made no money. I gained a lot of information (perhaps too much) from the courses but you have really helped me to put it all together and devise a system that I know will work for me. I was frustrated and ready to quit day trading and get a job. I bless baldy for telling me about you and bless you for your generosity. With heartfelt thanks 


Marsh: Just wanted to drop you a note about the lessons so far. In one sense, I feel like I have made some progress during the lessons. But on the other hand I feel like I am more confused on certain things. For example, with the time zones. I have read that article 5 or 6 times now and I think I understand it. But you said that article was written more for stocks, and the es differs slightly.

For example today, you mentioned a reversal that frequently occurs at 11:00am, but that is nowhere in the article. I realize you have picked up many things yourself over the years from studying and playing the markets, and that is really what I am interested in. If you feel the es has different reversal time zones based on your experience, then I would rather learn those than I had learn the ones in the article.

Again, I realize these times are not rigid and can fluctuate or not happen at all, but if you were writing an article on time zones in the es what would you write? That is what I want to learn. I like the way you teach. By that I mean you are always offering commentary on what you are thinking as you see the markets unfold. At first it was hard for me because you are mentioning a lot of things and I am trying to pay attention to you, look at the charts, remember when to write the Dow and $COMPX #'s in my trade log,etc.

Yesterday I found it hard to keep up with everything, but today was better and I am sure every day will get even easier as I adjust to the pace and learn to handle more things at once. I don't want you to take this as I think you are covering too much too fast. That is not the case at all. It is more a case of me just adjusting to be able to handle and process a lot of tasks at once. In fact, the more information on things you can give me the better. I am constantly taking notes on what you are saying.

Sometimes it is the little things that you have learned through experience and share with me that help me out. Please give me all of the information you can. If you have some specific strategies you use , then please share those with me also. I realize that trading is not a very structured thing and a lot is subjective. But I am a very orderly person and feel I will be more successful if I have a structured trading plan( as much as possible) and follow specific trading strategies. For example, the snake method is very structured, You take a trade if a happens, then b confirms, etc. That is the way I learn best.

If we take things in steps...for example: on the 5 min chart we are looking for ...... to occur. Once that occurs, then we are going to look at $COMPX for confirmation. Once in the trade we are watching a, b, and c if ..... happens we get out. Sort of work out scenarios on things we are looking for. If any of those things occur, then we do this. We enter the trade only after ........... has happened. I hope you understand what I am trying to communicate.

Overall I am very pleased with the lessons. I think you are a great teacher. My problem is I want to learn everything in one day, and that is not going to happen. I can promise you that I am 100% committed to this. Like I mentioned today I am going to do my part with the studying, keeping trade log, etc. I just hope you will continue to be patient with me as I learn. Even though I have read many courses on commodity trading, this method in many ways is different from what I have previously learned. Most everything I previously read was geared towards long term trading.

This is my first experience with day trading. The method is simple, but does take time to get a "feel " for what is going on. As each lesson passes, I think I am getting a better feel, but I obviously still have a long way to go. 

Take care, 

Hi Marshall,

I have read your manual and have been in the chat room with you and your method has really helped me see the market in a much better way.

Trading only when there is momentum in all three markets.... the ES, the DOW and the Nas at the same time is what I have learned from you Marshall. 

Also trading at certain times of the day is very important...that I have learned from you too....thanks. You have so many insights about the market when you are in the chat room (I wish you could be there more during the day) but I know you have a life

You have a very calming way of looking at the market that helps me relax more while trading. I also think you are wise when you tell people to find there own style of trading for them...what works for one person may not work for someone else. I would recommend your manual and your teaching in the chat room to anyone who really wants to get a handle on how to trade the ES futures contract. I still have a long way to go to become as consistent as you Marsh.... but with practice and patience I know I will get there. 

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.... I am incorporating your insights into my trading. I agree with you when you say keep it simple!!


Marsh the method you teach makes more since than any system I have ever tried, and I have made more profitable trades doing things your way than any thing I have done.

Thanks for all your help

N.E. Las Vegas NV

Hi Marsh,

I thought class went well today but did realize once again the importance of not getting distracted. Once I realized I didn't want to take the am trade short off the open I allowed myself to get briefly distracted and not realize a good opportunity of jumping into the long side of it. However, it felt good that I had mentally targeted the same entry price as you did for the long and feel like I am getting more accurate with the entry's. 

My three favorite types of trades so far is the (1) opening trade, the "magic numbers and safe time zone" trade and the 10min chart with a 10 period MA. These three trading methods I am feeling stronger with each day. I am getting more and more excited about the 10 and 10 trade and have back tested it over several months. As I continue to back test it and begin to trade it live this week I will put together my observations on it and any new trading strategies I can add. So far it seems to prove best over the long run to target 6pts with a 2pt stop. Once you have a 2pt gain place the stop to breakeven or +. 25 to pay for the trade. I believe I have a good way of trading it when the trend looks to reverse but I do want to continue to back test it and actually take the trades to see how they materialize.

Hopefully we will get a better opportunity to play the 10am reversal which is one trade we haven't had much play with and I am not as comfortable with.

Thanks for all your help and observations throughout the trading morning.








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