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Sometimes I think that my life has been like a Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn novel -MarshJones 


Trade the E-Mini S&P in 60-90 Days
Regardless of Market Direction!

This Manual has been Fully Updated and includes Charts
for easy to understand set-up’s

The Author, Marsh Jones is Very Highly Respected among E-mini day traders.
The Methodology is easy to understand and implement. Requires you to trade only a few hours a day.

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The Video Seriesis keyto seeing trades set up.
The timeframes to be most concerned with, and just really helping people visualize what there reading in the manual.

These last workshop videos Marsh conducted personally
and Sold for as much as $150.00.

How it all started is when Author/Creator Marsh Jones wrote his thoughts on his day trading method down spanning over  10 years and assembled them into a simple trading manual.

The Title: Simple-as-123, Learn to Day Trade the E-mini S&P 500. From that point on, many people from all over the World  have sought out his counsel, until his passing in 2007.

Please read some of the testimonials about  Marsh Jones
They are all truly sincere and genuine!

Why You should consider Marsh's Method

Many systems today are Way to complex for the beginner.


If you are just getting started or even just curious about trading, Simple-As-123 is a fantastic FIRST read
- Well Worth the cost.

Good Luck and Happy Trading!

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