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Sometimes I think that my life has been like a Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn novel -MarshJones

Reviewing past trading charts to identify possible trading setups is a great way to train your mind to be able and identify opportunitie when you eventually start trading in real-time whether it is using a simulated trading account or trading your futures account live.

Below you will find some of the charts that Marsh had posted. Some will have accompanying commentary some will not. There will also be new charts added. Click here for an example of Marsh's Post it Note , Trading Clock and Trade Log

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E-mini SP DayTrade Charts

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Day Trading Charts

Below you will find a list of Marsh's charts and recent charts based on Marsh's methodology.

Most of the charts will display Opening Range Breakout Trades on the 30min and 60 minute time frames.

Others will show Opening Range Reversals or trading within a range. There also will be some that describe how to trade using moving averages. Please keep checking back, as more charts are added on a regular basis.

Click here for an example of Marsh's

Click on the trading charts you wish to view or for expanded commentary visit the blog:

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